Friday, 7 December 2007

For the most part, I enjoy talking to you guys and perhaps this has led to a better understanding of some of the problems faced by First Great Western.

I have other things in my life, a beautiful finacee, a handful of close friends and a couple of interesting hobbies. What this means is that I do not do this for the good of my health or because I like the sound of my own voice (so to speak).

So to have my posts savaged by some trigger happy gobshite without the courtesy to introduce himself makes me wonder why I bother.

So Mr Anonymous, what position of authority do you speak from, what gives you the right to pass judgment and how do you know what I am and am not qualified to speak on? Actually, don't answer, I don't care. My advice to you is to read what I write, not what you think I've written.

The point is that I've never minded discussion or criticism of the things I have written, but what did I say in my first post, no flame wars, no mud slinging. If you can't manage to comment pleasantly and constructively then follow the advice given by my mother to me: If you can't say anything nice, SHUT THE FUCK UP!

As I've been writing this I think I've decided, sod it, no more blog, I can't be bothered. For those of you who think this is me throwing my toys out of the pram at the first sign of someone saying a cross word to me, see second paragraph.



Anonymous said...

awww didums.

if you work for FGW then you should be used to taking criticism !!

what you wrote was a crock of crap and if you cant take that on the chin then you are the one who should "shut the fuck up"

Graham E said...

Insider - your blog has been an education to us "customers" of FGW (although I will still say that the DfT is the real customer perhaps) and hugely appreciated. THANK YOU.

I write a blog (and help look after some forums too) and along with a wide range of views which I welcome, there are occasional posters who step beyond just an opinion and get offensive and personal in their messages. And those can be hard to take; "been there" and - like you - walked away. On several occasons for a cooling off period and on one occasion passing on the mantle for good to another person. So the following is based on experience.

For every person who comments on a blog, perhaps another 50 to 100 read it. And if the proportion of comments goes down, it's not necessarily that you have lost the plot but rather quite the reverse - that there is simply no need to comment and once the blog is established, everyone feel a bit lame posting up "I agree" every time. I never cease to be amazed at very odd, very occasional comments on my own writings from some surprising people. Just wanted you to know that you had/have quite an audience out here, and that "Anonywhatever" is a tiny minority (of one) from a tiny minority (of 1 in 50).

You have an inquisitive mind and an interest in people / customers so I'm sure you'll still be reading. I hope you tempted - at the least - to comment in forums (should that be fora ?) that are around from time to time. And I wish you all the best for the future - for your wedding that's coming up and a long and happy time together, and in those other interesting hobbies that we're all trying to guess!

JP said...


I hope that you take a short sabbatical rather than packing it in completely because I - like many others, I'm sure - have really enjoyed your blog. I've actually learned quite a lot, as well.

I think that abusive anonymous comments are a sad fact of life in the Blogosphere, although we have someone here who seems to have completely lost it.

Fair enough, Mr Anonymous, you disagree. No-one expects you to agree with everything you read, but it's a shame that you couldn't voice your views in a more mature and less aggravating manner, even when the subject matter is clearly going to be quite emotional for some.

Noting the quip about taking criticism, it seems to me that one of the aims of this blog has been to eliminate abuse and unsubstantiated criticism, and so there is a certain unfortunate irony here.

Anyway, to echo Graham - thank you.

Hopefully see you back soon.

Lee Fletcher said...

Sorry to see you go.

Well , I guess that that you have probably read up on the annoying git with all the questions , and found out that I co - organise a campaign to prevent the closure of lines and stations , and secure / develop their future role as part of our rail network. Whilst I would say that many are sympathetic to our aims , there are some who dont think that bothering about the likes of Ascott - under - Wychwood , Combe , Finstock and Pilning (to name but a few obvious potential closure candidates) is a worthy cause. As a result , I get my fair share of criticism.

I'll let into what is not exactly the biggest secret :

I believe strongly in what I do and I dont respond that well to criticism. This means that I probably take things more personally than I should.

It actually got to the stage where I was about to walk away from the First Great Western Coffee Shop Forum.

Several people (among them graham e) talked me out of it , and I am very glad they did.

Personally , I think that it would be a very great shame if you gave up writing this blog. I am not always going to agree with your views , but it one of the most informative and incisive sites I have come across (and I visit several every day.)

I too have have other things in my life , a beautiful fiancee (we are getting married in May) , a handful of close friends and a couple of (quite) interesting hobbies.

If we are as similiar as I think we are , then you will do the same as me and not let the views of a tiny minority make you give up now.

Economy Klaus said...

Insider, ditto what most other (sane) people have said. What you write is of great interest and goes a long way to explaining what goes on behind the scenes at FGW. You've also been able to help one or two people in very practical ways - certainly the author of the I Hate First Great Western blog - and that counts for a lot.

I enjoy blogging but there are an awful lot of pillocks out there who respond in some very stupid and crass ways. But the simple fact is, you can't let them win.

Why should an intelligent and stimulating blog like yours come to an end because of the random rantings of a few cyber vandals.

Ultimately the choice is yours, but what Lee Fletcher says is bang on the money as far as I'm concerned. You can try to make the world a better place and promote some understanding, or you can give up. Stick to your knitting, Mr In Defence of...

Besides, if you go, I'll have to delete the link to your blog from my blog and that's a pain!

Anonymous said...

Don't stop! You have provided a fascinating insight into the workings of FGW and it'll be a real shame to see you go.

I've never understood why people get quite so agressive in the blogsphere. Just ignore them... they aren't worth it.

Hope you change your mind and keep blogging...

pete said...

ditto mate. There's you and a girl on the helpdesk who actually tell me what's going on. Would be a real shame to leave it now.

Anonymous said...

I'd be sad to see you stop blogging, although I'd probably get more work done if I wasn't reading your site.

People need to be more polite in their critism. The questions about emergency brakes are valid (and I'd be intersted to know the answers) but personal insults get us nowhere.

Ek has also taken a great deal of stick for his blog and In defence of FGW writes a load of stuff that I just don't agree with but all these blogs make an interesting read.

So I'd understand if you gave up after all there are more important things in your life than writting a blog, but I'd like you to appreciate that your blog does have value to its readers.

Chris Hankin said...

Insider - your blog was an education to all of us passengers with issues over FGW's current service problems: thank you!
Anonymous - you were well out of order.

John said...

I agree with just about everyone here except for the first reply. Graham, Lee and others speak for many people, and I hope you do return. As for the offensive anonymous, if you do have any future thoughts on Insider's comments, then please keep them to yourself if you can't express them in a more mature way.