Sunday, 23 December 2007


Well, after reading the comments to my last post, I am touched at the support I have received and I am glad that the blog has been useful to those of you who read it.

Mr anonymous: I still think you should grow some balls and get an ID if you wish to slate me but no matter.

I have worked for First Great Western for a number of years now. Althought he company does do some mind-bogglingly dumb things from time to time, I do still think that they are trying their best and so, like Lee, I may be given to taking things personally. I'll not say, however, that this is a bad thing

The fact that so many of you seem to have gotten something out of this blog and your positive comments has lead me to rethink my position on this as I do still want to help wherever I can. I don't think that a single moron should be allowed to spoil that.

I think that I'll leave it to the new year and then I'll see about making my 'triumphant' return. Given the state of things lately, I doubt that I'll be short of material.

I want to encourage free discussuion, so I won't enable comment moderation or stop people from speaking their minds and I won't stop anyone from disagreeing with me. I will though, once again, reiterate that I'm not interested in fights so please try and argue reasonably.

Until the new year.



Chris Hankin said...

Thanks, Insider: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and we look forward to your resuming blogging.

Anonymous said...

Have a great festive season and look forward to new insights in the new year!

ABP said...

I take it the anonymous above is different to the other anonymous!

Thanks for continuing with this blog! I find it really helpful as it allows me to see things from another angle.

Don't let the bastards get you down!

GrahamE said...

Delighted to be able to read you again. Have a great Christmas

Lee Fletcher said...

Glad you changed your mind, have a good New Year.

Anonymous said...

Have a happy new year! If you want you can plug your blog on my topsites list at